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The promised unieject news

I actually thought of writing this one some days ago, but then I forgot, well I first waited and then forgot.

Tomorrow will be my sister’s birthday, and as a present I decided to buy her a USB 2.0 flash drive (she asked for that before), by chance when I gone to one of my usual online shops I found that Imation’s 1GB USB drives where at a really low price (€30) and without shipping costs. So I decided to buy one more, for me.

What does this mean? This means I’ll have an USB ejectable drive to work with, and I can finally start coding unieject’s capabilities to eject USB drives to make it compatible for instance with libgpod.

It might take a while, since as I already said, I’m occupied Tuesday and Wednesday with the job, and then Thursday night I’ll probably be outside with a few friends (and maybe a no-more-that-friend-as-I’d-like-not-to-see-him-again, but that’s another story).

Anyway, I’m basically done with my slides, and I just need to prepare some example source to show up. I have already something to show valgrind up, I just need something debuggable. Luckily I have Kate this time on the iBook, I wouldn’t have been able to do that from OSX.

On a compleeeetely different note, should I be considered more or less geek than usual for finding Kristen Bell hot in Veronica Mars ? >_>

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