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I’m sorry…

Okay this time it’s my fault. The patch that fixes the security issue in 20060328 is not correct, there’s an error on the check that even Darren Salt didn’t spot, as the buflen variable carries the length of the sending buffer rather than the receiving buffer.

Yes the security issue is gone, but now some streams are broken. I’m working now on providing a 1.1.2_pre20060606 that would fix the issue for good, together with a complete fix for visibility and Altivec code.

Actually a 1.1.2 release is coming soon, but I want to bring this out soon as streams are not good to be broken. Unfortunately I’m afraid this will end up a mess with stable keywords again :((

I think this is one of my biggest screwups, and I really feel bad for this. I hope to be able to solve it for good in the next days.

Of course the problem didn’t show up with the streams I listen to :/

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  1. Hey, with regards to all the great work you’re doing otherwise, I guess you can get away with this one :)Thanks for all the great work!

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