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Someone might remember an old post of mine where I said that I was disappointed with valgrind, mainly for not being able to work fine on a default splitdebug system.

Well yesterday I updated to valgrind 3.2.0 and… wow it works now 🙂 It loads symbols and line numbers just fine, thanks to valgrind developers then 🙂

Also, looking at the release notes I noted the name of valkyrie a valgrind Qt frontend… and I ended up adding it to portage, thanks to David Wang who submitted an initial ebuild.

I have to say that with that frontend using valgrind becomes finally easy, and this is not only good for my debugging sessions trying to understand what on earth is going on, but also because of the course on debugging I’m preparing for next week, where I can make use of that instead of trying to explain the raw output to people who barely understand gcc’s output right now.

I’m also working now to some example sourceode so that they can see what the problems are that valgrind can help find, but I end up having difficulties to actually write broken code, even if I try to 😛

Okay now it’s time to return to work.

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  1. Hi Diego!If you do some slides for your course, it’d be nice if you could put them on the web afterwards.RegardsChristian

  2. Then I guess when you are working on something, just try to write broken code to fix it. <wink></wink><nudge></nudge>

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