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Preparing a new snapshot

Okay, after reaching the 11th revision of xine-lib-1.1.2_pre20060328 package, I thought it was a good time to give a try to a new package, so that I can refresh the patches that does not apply cleanly and I can also make sure that there are no new bugs.

xine-lib-1.1.2_pre20060606 is going in portage soon, although I will put it under package.mask for a while so that I can play with it a bit before releasing it soft masked.

It does not have all the patches I was waiting for yet, but 11 revision for a package are too many definitely. Most of my patches should have been already merged thanks to Darren, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for me to prepare a new package.

Now the question is: how would cope with the new amaroK version other distributions, knowing that amaroK 1.4 trunk right now does not play FLAC files without my patch (merged upstream)? 🙂

I’m always open to helping if any packager of other distros tries to contact me of course.

Okay, let’s return to the snapshot now.

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  1. Huh, 20060606. Tell me that wasn’t on purpose! Btw, going out to watch The Prophecy right now. *shudder*

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