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New unieject release

I actually started the work for this last night but then I was too tired to end it up.

I release unieject-5.2 just now, tagging the release on SVN, putting it on SourceForge and Berlios pages and requesting an update on Freshmeat, and finally committing it in portage tree.

This version finally fixes the bugs with the handling of the umount wrapper, removes a bit of unneeded code and starts having some translations… the Italian one done by me.

For this thing of the translation I have to thank Tony (Chainsaw), as I didn’t thought of doing this stuff until I ended up updating the translation for Audacious.

Anyway, other translations are as usual well accepted, and I don’t mind giving access to the SVN for unieject to anyone who would like to collaborate, especially trying to implement cross-platform USB/SCSI eject (that is the one feature missing in unieject that makes it unsuitable for Linux desktops – while I already outperform eject-bsd having more features).

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