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Gitarella does FastCGI, too

So, tonight I didn’t sleep almost at all, so I decided to implement something more on Gitarella. Right now it does work as a FastCGI application if configured correctly and if ruby-fcgi is installed 🙂

The interesting thing of this is that the connection to memcached is never dropped this way, making it access even more fast, and also it caches the configuration file for the whole session. I can definitely see the speed increase of Gitarella versus gitweb, although I still miss quite a bit of features.

Last night I implemented summary, log and shortlog pages, today the commit summary page.

Something that scares me is having to find a way to display the differences in a decent web-suited way as well as the colourised output and the raw one. Sigh 😛

But considering I’m working on gitarella since just a few days and in my spare time, it’s proceeding quite well. I might consider putting it in production on Farragut soon..

For the ones interesting in taking a look, just get the git repository at and if you want to help feel free to mail me.

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