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You wake up and… oh another bump

Okay, last night I gone to sleep at 2am after unmasking KDE 3.5.3, this morning I wake up and find… another bump to do 😛 While I was sleeping seems like mattr found the time to release Kopete 0.12 final.

So I’m here, waiting for Kopete to build and then install. Also, the release notes seems to state that there won’t be a 0.12.1… this is from one side bad (because there is much work to do on it still) and from another good, as if I won’t be able to get wengophone working I might spend some more time to make Kopete’s plugins configurable at build time, so for instance no more LaTeX plugin if you don’t want to use LaTeX at all 🙂

Also this is conditioned to my free time of course. And to being unable to build wengophone with GCC 4.1 as I’m quite interested in it 🙂

To remain on topic of KDE applications, I have to say that the dear amaroK developers gave me quite a bit of work in preparation of amaroK 1.4.1… luckily I found time to handle most of the requirements already.

They dropped support for libvisual 0.2, so I had to put 0.4 in portage (for glory’s sake it is slottable so no big problems), they changed xine engine so that it asks to xine if it can play a given stream before trying to play it, and that uncovered a bug in xine’s FLAC handling (that is fixed for you all in -r8); they added an inotify backend for the directories rescan that required new linux-headers available.

Finally, I have to ask SUSE people about their patch to Helix Player to build on AMD64, so I can at least try to put that back in portage to provide a helix engine.

Okay, now it’s time to do some work.

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