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Ebuilds are done… mostly

So, okay, I was finally able to commit all the ebuilds partly tested to the CVS. They are not yet on mirrors and even if they are, they will have rejects. I want to summarise here what came up with this upgrade.

First of all, I now know all the work that danarmak did to bring to us the split ebuilds was all but simple, it’s a mess even to just prepare the ebuilds. I really hope that KDE upstream is waking up for KDE 4 release and won’t release all the freaking stuff monolithically.

Then there is the kdelibs problem I told before, it appears to be a problem with binutils and —as-needed more than of the build system, I’ll have to test it out on the iBook tomorrow, as Jakub Jelinek from Redhat sent a patch to binutils-devel today.

I had a few patches to fix as they are applied upstream and then not needed anymore in 3.5.3, and kpdf still doesn’t build, this is something I just found the reason for, and it’s not fun. jriddell used prerelease tarballs to build the kubuntu packages, and his patch on that, the one we used for 3.5.2 works just fine. It does not work with the final release tarballs, so it’s now time again to patch it. Luckily I should have done this already now.

This is not an happy task but at least soon there should be a working KDE 3.5.3 in portage.

Ah I did one change to kdelibs that is worth noting, there’s a new useflag “fam”, that before was forcefully enabled. On newer systems inotify should work just fine, probably also better than gamin, so you can try removing it if you have issues with gam_server. I’d like to find time to write a kqueue backend for kdelibs so that it can be used on FreeBSD, but I don’t have much time lately, the free time from the job I spent it all on KDE in the last two days.

I managed to beat all my records on CIA.. 1016 commits in a week, more than 8000 commits since I joined. I should probably leave CIA to relax for a while 😉

Oh, Sho from Konversation suggested me to try an Amazon wishlist… so here it is (hopefully :P) .. although this always make me chuckle, as I don’t really think I do anything for which is worth having one, a part for fun like the Froogle one. Although I have to admit that Live in the USA from L’Arc~en~Ciel I’d actually like, but I can’t seem to find it here, neither on being a Region 1 encoded DVD.. sometimes I wonder why on earth we’re slave of these stupid regions…

Anyway, time for me to return to my job, and to KDE on the other monitor.

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