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Ebuilds for KDE 3.5.3 are late…

I know I know.

Unfortunately Dan (danarmak) who usually took care of the split ebuilds seems to have gone MIA. And although I created split ebuilds before, I don’t really feel that good about doing it again.

Anyway, since seems like there’s no one handling this already, I’ve borrowed some space on pitr again and I’ll be using that box again to do the dirty job. One more time, thank you to the whole AMD64 team and to the donors of the boxes 🙂

I want to use KDE 3.5.3 asap myself, so no need to poke me about it, but I got no way to access the prerelease as I’m not in the list of the packagers. I should probably ask for that.

Anyway, the day was a bit tiring because of a new xine-lib bug that needed immediate fixage (luckily, easy), plus more work to shove in and stuff.

Remains the point that I have to find time also for my job, sigh 😛

Update n.1: I got the data out of the script, I got the ebuild, I had to mangle them a bit to handle a few things that I forgot (like keywords and stuff) but that’s done, how much I like find grep and sed you can’t tell 😉
Unfortunately there seems still to be problems, in the particular case I’m not able to build kdelibs, maybe because of my LDFLAGS, it seems to link against the installed copy of them instead of the external one, and it’s probably related to the bug Harald submitted some time ago, so I’m now trying a few compile with a few tests to see if I can find a working configuration. This might delay the release a bit as I’m taking care of kdelibs also for monolithic.

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  1. Thanks, one can really count on you! Keep up your good work, it’s really appreciated!

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