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Fixing media bugs…

.. sometimes it’s annoying, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy.

Luckily, tonight’s xine fix was an almost trivial one, an amaroK user (bks) reported a problem with current amaroK SVN being unable to detect the audio stream in FLAC files, after a little grepping, I confirmed the bug is in xine, and I fixed it with some vim magic.

On another completely different note, I’ve been pissed off by BZR for the last time. The 0.8 version is slower than ever with pulling, and even after migrating to the new repository format (knit), it’s still slow on pushing via SFTP. Not only, by pushing via SFTP there won’t be the working copy uploaded, so the main reason for which it would have made sense to have BZR (direct plain HTTP access of files), is going byebye. Really, this moves BZR at the bottom of my SCM of choice, even after CVS.

I’ll be migrating my overlay to GIT soon, but as that does not allow (by default) the direct HTTP access I wanted, I set up a gitweb host on my farragut, and with a few rewrite rules I can provide direct URLs to patches on the repositories. Right now there’s only RubyTag++ but later I’ll work with tailor to convert the overlay (or maybe just drop the history and start a new overlay entirely, I don’t think there would be much useful anyway).

Oh I also joined Ruby herd recently to try to give a hand with the basic issues (I don’t know the internal well enough to fix more complex issues but there are thing I can do 😉 ); I started by committing the two things I had waiting for them 🙂

Now, I think I really lost my mind… and my free time.

Update: thanks arachnist, again 🙂 It wasn’t git.farragut but just git 🙂

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