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There’s no such thing as Web 2.0

I feel pretty tired by people talking about “Web 2.0” as it was some kind of software released. Nothing changed drastically in the last few years, things evolved with their own way to evolve on the net. Talking about Web 2.0 is like talking of “new eras” when something happens that brings a new launch to industrial development, for instance.

There are of course phases, but they usually are named after you pass them, as you can’t valuate them while living in it.. is like if Cristoforo Colombo said “Okay, now that I reached the Americas, the Medieval Age ends.. it’s time of Age 2.0!”…

I hate this kind of pointless marketing hype 😛 Especially considering that what people call “Web 2.0” often result in nothing.. I had people describing in overhyped terms of Trackbacks… but how many people actually use them a part to spam?

Illiad summarised my thoughts exactly and it’s somewhat disturbing to think that I found today yet another case of Web 2.0 hype, and UserFriendly has that picture… ehy, I just invented Web 3.0, I think of something and someone else do something related.. 😉

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