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I’m not dead and Thanks

Or more likely the other way around, as I want first thanks all the people who supports and supported me since I started working in Gentoo, even with my crazy ideas of Gentoo/FreeBSD and the rest.
In particular I want to thanks Steve Romanow who sent me a KVM so that I could restart hacking with defiant without losing access to farragut (thing that I started as soon as I had time, and now defiant is ready to be the testbed for unsafe, toying stuff, like Quake3 😉 ) and to David Babcock who donated me through PayPal. I’ll do my best to keep it up with the work 🙂

Anyway, I’m not dead, although I wasn’t writing for a couple of days. The reason is ismply that I got a new job offer and I’m working mainly of that, with Gentoo stuff coming during free time and pauses. It’s not a complex or long work, it’s just organisation of a course, so after that is done, I’ll be back on my usual beat.

I’ll post something more later today, as I do have something I want to talk about, related to Google Summer of Code and a big surprise for KDE ricers.

But anyway, now I need to find something to eat, as tonight I didn’t sleep decently for my hand was hurting badly (after I burnt it yesterday with hot boiling coffee … and it wasn’t even for me!) :/

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  1. Hey, I always enjoy reading your blogs. Especially about the –as-needed stuf and how you won the battle in the end :)Keep up the great work!GreetsSander

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