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XOrg and Baselayout

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

Another status update, with good and bad news.

The bad news are with Xorg, better with modular Xorg. Since Donnie started working on it on Gentoo, I’ve tried on getting it working on Gentoo/FreeBSD, too. Unfortunately there was quite a few bugs that stopped me from having it working. Now after some time I retried, also because the bugs were told to be Gentoo/FreeBSD specific, but then, I had a new issue. media-libs/mesa is now an hard dependency of xorg-server and it wasn’t building. I was able to make it work with a couple of patches and a sed line (submitted to mesa’s bugs tracker, the build fix is applied, the install-script fix is still not applied, but that’s ok for now).

After that, I finally was able to confirm that the problems laid on the new autotooled buildsystem and updated the bugs according… but I was still told that the problem was just us.

Why? Because ports works… it doesn’t matter that ports are not using the modular build, they works, what’s the matter? Yeah sure.

Okay this was not referred to the entire Xorg team, so please nobody read that wrong.. I wish to thank Eric Anholt for the time, the merge of the mesa patch, and for working on it.
If somebody wants to know: modular Xorg with autotools does not work on FreeBSD, with the same problems I hit on Gentoo/FreeBSD, so the problem is not with portage, is with Xorg.

After this consideration, the good news: baselayout.

As Stephen is still being lazy 😉 (or better he’s still trying to get his box up), I’ve started annoying Martin and Roy with baselayout to get 1.12 working on Gentoo/FreeBSD.

The result of yesterday’s tinkering is that I have a box which is using a partially-1.12 baselayout, with checkroot and checkfs ported to work on both Linux and FreeBSD, and with hostname and domainname working out of the box with the new layout (conf.d/hostname instead of /etc/hostname).

This means that also the new network setup is not so far away 🙂

reboot still doesn’t work, so you’re forced to use shutdown -r now if you want it to stop the services correctly, but at least it starts up fine.

Oh by the way this also probably (not sure, haven’t tried) mean that we’ll have the interactive bootup as Linux has already, as soon as we’ll have an updated baselayout 🙂

Thanks Martin for the portability changes 🙂 Blame to Stephen for the delay! 😛

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