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When you hit your head on the wall…

Today was a long day, but I haven’t done too much :/

Woke up with a big headache, wasn’t feeling well yesterday. Restarted Enterprise, just because lately it seemed bloated, then, while restarting upgrading KDE… system stuck seeming swapping. Had to force it down and start again. After a while, again. I started thinking of xine/amaroK, but that was not the problem.
Tonight after about 9 hours trying to find the problem, I try booting with an older kernel, and I look this time carefully to the boot log… “can’t find swap space signature” … oh damn!

Moral? I was running a system without swap, with KDE, GTK+, amaroK loaded, and trying to build C++ programs…. that was not good 😛

On the other hand, me and lu_zero today worked on looking for some video packages known broken to remove, so some of them are going to be removed from the tree entirely soon: avifile, vcr, zphoto, drip, divx4linux, quicktime4linux. In particular, quicktime4linux 2.x seems to be a complete hell for portability, and 2.1 source tarball gone from 5 to 30Mb because it was created with .svn directories inside… see what happens when not using a build system that allows you to make dist ? 🙂

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