Suggestions for a new router

So, okay, my DSL router is giving its lasts, the DNS resolution dies every time I have rtorrent open, from time to time it stops working for some minutes and then resumes, it’s annoying.

I’m forced at this point to replace it, and I’m thus looking for alternatives. I won’t return on D-Link again, not only for the bad experience with this router (that actually worked fine when I had a 800kbps or a 1.2Mbps DSL), but also because I don’t want to give them anymore credit after the bad thing happened with their routers and the Danish NTP server.

I’m not even actually that impressed by Linux-based routers, as their entropy is often limited, as they have no keyboard, no mouse, no harddisk and what remains is only networking, and bad randomness is not something I would get 🙂

What I was looking at after RockMan’s (the one of KMobileTools) suggestion are 3Com’s routers. I actually had good experiences with 3Com, not only with the hardware itself (my first modem was a 3Com), but also with their customer care and services. Looking at 3Com’s site, I found two models that are interesting. They are both ADSL Router/Modem (ADSL2+, but that should be backward compatible, I think, although please tell me if I’m wrong :)). The first is 3CRWDR100A-72, and the second is 3CRWDR100B-72 . They have similar features, with the only difference that the second also has Stateful Packet Inspection. I probably can do without, but if I get the difference of prices in €10, I would probably take the one with SPI.

But as now I have this opportunity, I’d like to ask suggestion to my readers about these routers and eventually other routers, too. My target price is about €100, not much more (no more than €150 for sure!) and it wouldn’t be bad if it’s less. I would just need a 1 port router with no wireless, although I can use one with router, as I would just recycle the current 11Mbit access point as a hotspot in the other floor, and it’s not bad if it has an integrated switch (as my 8 port is almost full).

I would have avoided this cost actually, but tonight the router annoyed me again and again. And I’m pissed off at it 😛

Oh, comments on the blog are still half broken, I’ve set up a cron job that every :30 makes them visible, so please feel free to comment on this entry to give me suggestion, I will see them 🙂