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More modular X

Okay, I was already using Modular Xorg in my iBook, and experimenting with it it seemed quite interestding and working fine for most of my uses.
Today, I wanted to do the hard jump and go to modular Xorg on my main system.
I tried to cleanup all the packages I needed for modular xorg (actually, just tvtime), and then moved on removing xorg-x11. I had to remove also a few packages that are still unported: opera and netscape-flash (waiting for them to be ported by their maintainers, I don’t really feel the need for them right now), alevt (that is something I have to fix ASAP!), zvbi and XdTv (the latter is already safe, I’m its maintainer, but the first isn’t, yet, but I can build xdtv without zvbi for the time being), and x11vnc (I’m not sure I’m going to need it, I have krfb).

To be honest, I also needed to hack the evdev driver to behave as I want it to, remember my Logitech keyboard? Luckily, the code changed just a bit and I was able to deal with it.

Anyway, now I’m running modular X and it seems to work quite well, also quicker than before, I think. It might be related to the fact that it shouldn’t be stripping cflags now. And I’m currently using also a -g3 build with splitdebug enabled 😉 (useful if it wants to crash, by the way).

I’ve enabled composite for the eyecandy effect, and the current version seems more stable than the last one I tried.

It’s also interesting to look at the output of script (I always forget who gave me that, morfic, iirc, but I’m not sure):

flame@enterprise ~/devel/hacking/tmp $~/devel/ usr/bin/Xorg
Checking vendor_id string…AuthenticAMD 64
Disassembling usr/bin/Xorg, please wait…
i486: 13 i586: 0 ppro: 0 mmx: 2636 3dnow: 0 ext3dnow: 0 sse: 946 sse2: 3550 sse3: 0
usr/bin/Xorg will run on AMD Athlon64 or higher processor.

flame@enterprise ~/devel/hacking/tmp $ sudo~/devel/ /usr/bin/Xorg
Checking vendor_id string…AuthenticAMD 64
Disassembling /usr/bin/Xorg, please wait…
i486: 13 i586: 0 ppro: 0 mmx: 1835 3dnow: 0 ext3dnow: 0 sse: 1036 sse2: 3662 sse3: 0
/usr/bin/Xorg will run on AMD Athlon64 or higher processor.

the modular version tries to use more the sse and sse2 extensions, and less the mmx extension… both don’t use the 3dnow extensions…

Now I also need to build a chroot for the monolithic version of xorg to complete the porting, as I used to have one for modular.
Oh well… time to continue working.

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