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Why it is a bad idea to record user settings during compile

So, today I decided to work a bit more on Gentoo than the last past days. One of the things I had in my TODO list is the marking of the remaining myspell-* dictionaries, as hunspell is now marked ~amd64 and ~x86-fbsd (it would be useless without the spell checkers). That I did in a batch, by using some for loops. I couldn’t actually evaluate the reliability of the spelling, but that’s… something I think just a few people would be able to.

Anyway, I’ve also decided to update db as today Paul released a 4.3 release. I took this opportunity also to fix KDevelop so that it links to the latest db available instead of fixing on 4.1 that is not needed anymore (at least on my systems). With this, I also had to keyword it ~x86-fbsd.

But during this, I ended up having to rebuild both apr and apr-util, on both Linux and FreeBSD. Why? Well, on Linux it recorded the -Wl,-Bdirect flag, on FreeBSD it had recorded the i686-gentoo-freebsd6.1-gcc compiler.

So you see why it is a bad idea to record user settings during compile?
Because you don’t frigging ask me to rebuild the whole world to remove a flag.

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  1. Where’s the bug report? If you are going to publically say that a package of mine has a problem, I expect a bug report, so I can figure out what’s going on and fix it.

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