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Gentoo/FreeBSD “misc” problems

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

Today I was thinking “we are BSD, why shouldn’t I keyword bsd-games?” I know, they are useless, but bsd-games are part of a BSD system, so why shouldn’t I make sure that they are installable? 🙂

Unfortunately, seems like this is more easily said than done, as they depend on miscfiles, which collides with freebsd-share. The problem is that the files are subtly different, some of them are more updated in FreeBSD some others are more updated in FreeBSD code. Now I don’t know if I should drop some of the files from freebsd-share or make miscfiles and freebsd-share and create a new virtual/miscfiles, but in that case I would miss some files, as miscfiles contains files that are not installed by freebsd-share.

I’ll think about that.

Other than that, yesterday working on having nut running on FreeBSD, I thought that what we miss and we really need is a series of scripts that adds the support for cold and hotplug as it’s done on Linux. Miming udev is not an option, too bound to the kernel, but hotplug shouldn’t be difficult to mimic.

I think I’ll start working on that in the next days, although I would really like some help on it. Basically it would require writing a series of scripts that replaces /etc/hotplug by using the same – or almost the same – format. At that point it should be simple to have cups and nut working out of the box on Gentoo/FreeBSD even using direct hardware access.

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