Phasing out XMMS

Okay as I already wrote about this, and also Chainsaw told this quite a few times, XMMS is currently an unmaintained, obsolete, buggy piece of code. Eradicator stopped maintaining it on Portage, moving all the bugs to sound. I tried cleaning them up a bit, but there are anyway too many bugs open.

I again try to ask if someone wants to take care of xmms (alone, as sound herd doesn’t seem interested in maintaining it right now), else, in 7 to 10 days I’ll start the hard phase out time.

What does the phase out mean? First of all, the new ebuilds for plugins on bugzilla will be closed as WONTFIX as the other true enhancements. Then, all the plugins that have at least a bug in bugzilla will be masked and removed after 15 days.

This will continue until it will be clear that xmms itself needs to be removed entirely, in which case it will be one GTK 1.2 user less in portage.

If you’re using XMMS currently you’re invited to try other alternatives, such as BMP, BMPx, amaroK, Rhytmbox……