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I’m no more impressed by Bazaar-NG

So for some months now I’ve been using Bazaar-NG for my overlay on, I also used it for RubyTag++ before finding it too slow and unreliable.

I started using version 0.6, that required complex settings server-side to get rsync pushing working, 0.7 made it simpler although it changed the syntax entirely. Now with 0.8 the syntax has changed again, actually the whole command has changed completely, instead of push, rspush. On a first sight one might consider it good, as you specify that you want rsync, but after some days of use, I find it annoying, I’m used to use “bzr push”, and “git push”, too. Why should I make my finger get used to a new command every time a new release is done?

Not counting that a feature as important as rsync pushing is not available on default installation, bzr just come with ftp and scp pushing, both of which are non-incremental, meaning that they take a damn long time to push the stuff. rsync pushing is present only as an extra package, bzrtools.

Now I can understand it’s a quite a new thing, and I’m not displeased that it’s written in Python, but, you know, in a few months things became even more complex. Really not what I’m expecting.

I think I’ll continue using bzr for a while at least for my overlay, but I’m really no more impressed. GIT seems better for me, really.

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