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Why documentation is important

So, although I said I wanted to take a break, there was one bug I wanted to smash as soon as I can, it’s bug #131456. This bug is annoying for users and I can understand why it is, upstream fixed it so one might think it wouldn’t be difficult to backport. Yeah sure.

The upstream bug report is #0002067, and only references the bug as “Fixed on Hg repo.”, thing that does not really says much to me. I know that Hg is mercurial, but that’s just a clue. A quick glance to ALSA website doesn’t show me much about that repository.

There’s a Development Wiki but no reference, the only reference I found, in the place I wasn’t thinking of, is in the Download page. Sigh. Now it’s time to check how to get the right patch out of hg, hopefully it won’t take that much time, but the checkout itself takes a bit.

I think I’ll have the ALSA Maintainer Guide to describe the Mercurial repository later today, and here goes all my break idea.

Okay okay, I can simply put that on my TODO list and do all tomorrow, but well.. I will probably forgot at this point 🙁

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