I’ll take a little break

So, tomorrow I’ll try to take a little break. I need some time to keep up with what’s happening in my life lately. I’m having a bit of troubles, not only in my personal life but also in my health and that’s something I can’t really allow to break.

Also, flamefests are things I can’t really stand and I always hate to be part of – but I can’t even allow to be treated like an idiot.

Anyway, for tomorrow my presence will be limited, very very limited indeed. I won’t connect on IRC unless I really need to, I won’t look at mails that are not addressed directly to me. I will connect to jabber, for the ones who knows how to reach me.

I probably won’t be working on RubyTag++ either, I really need some time for myself, without development. I will probably pass the day cleaning up and watching some TV series to pass the time.

I should probably say something about the progresses of RubyTag++ and of the bindings generator, but I’m not in the mood for that right now.

There are times when I think why I’m still here with all the bullshit I’m told sometimes, and the continuing flames, and the whole situations that makes me think if people think I’m stupid or what.

Luckily, after thinking a bit more on that, I only find myself feeling pity for who has nothing else to do than to criticise me and anyone else thinks differently from them. I find I’m doing what I’m doing because I trust people in general to be in good faith, and and I do have faith in the project I’m involved in. I do sincerely hope that Gentoo continues to be the distribution it is, almost bleeding edge, with a good – good a lot – multimedia support (thanks to the fact that we can provide users what they have right to have if they don’t live in USA, like win32codecs and mp3 decoders, as we don’t redistribute the binaries anyway), and optimum support for development (no damn -devel package to install, thing that I always hated from any other distribution. I’m a bit too well used to having alll the development libraries I need to do my job 😉

So, although I’m stressed, depressed, and somehow disenhanced of how some people reacts when they find difficulties over their path (crybabies are even preferrable), although I don’t really feel like my job in Gentoo is actually useful, I’ll be continuing doing my best, also for all the users who trust me, and that counts on me to resolve their problems.

But I need a day off 🙂