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I want to cry, even more TagLib problems

So, after yesterday, I continued to implement even more tests for RubyTag++ and to try to debug the issues. Unfortunately I didn’t make much progresses on the debug part, although I have carewolf the command I used to create the test file and he said he’ll try to take a look o that when he’ll have time.

I started writing a simple test for the audio properties of mp3 files, that are quite useful to have also on JulTagger. Unfortunately, although the first tests gone well, when I added the complete test of the functions, I found that one of the functions documented and present in the header file is not implemented, so, test failure, as it hits a missing symbol.

Sigh. I send an email to taglib-devel, but then I see that it’s already fixed on SVN, so I think of taking a snapshot of it.. shouldn’t be difficult to get it from KDE SVN, should it?

Well, I would take and test daily snapshots of xine-lib, xine-ui and vlc rather than trying again to take TagLib’s snapshot, as it’s entirely messed up. It requires kdesupport from trunk, that uses trunk admin dir, that requires unsermake, even if TagLib does not need it at all.
The ChangeLog, AUTHORS, README files are not in their places, the files are not ready to get the correct behaviour when using make dist…

What I had up to now is a incomplete tarball that ships with a missing NEWS file, a taglib.pc file that should be autogenerated (another bug in, and misses examples and C bindings.

Writing RubyTag++ and JulTagger is getting harder and harder, but it is mainly TagLib’s fault now 🙁 I do hope for a 1.4.1 release soon, at least addressing part of the issues I’m hitting.

Again, if anyone wants to help, with either RubyTag++ or JulTagger or to write TagLib’s testsuite, please please please just contact me.

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