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Going to change SCM

So, for my RubyTag I’ve decided I’ll try something new also concerning the versioning. What I’m going to try is git/cogito, instead of bzr. The branching from bzr is a bit … long, maybe because of the new load on, or maybe not, but anyway, I’ll try git that is told to be more cheap on bandwidth.

A part that, seems like the FLAC support inside TagLib 1.4 is a bit “flacky”. I found a dirty pointer this afternoon, that was causing *dynamic_cast*s to segfault with GCC 3.4 (one point for GCC 4, it didn’t segfault, the dynamic_cast ran with an invalid pointer returned NULL; really a good thing, something you might want to rely on, too).

Anyway, I love when working on something makes me find bugs in other software, sigh. Ah by the way I think I also found an error with c++filt of binutils 2.16.92, but I’ve yet to make sure it’s an actual bug and if I can reproduce it systematically.

I’m afraid that to have JulTagger complete I’ll probably have to write some more ruby extensions, as I didn’t find anything for tunepimp/musicbrainz access in Ruby. If I remember correctly libtunepimp is C++ based, so my generator will work with it, I’ll just have to find even more time to work on it.

Well I suppose there will be happy users when JulTagger will actually work 😉 Now I just need to think that I’m doing this whole stuff for them.

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