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Update to 6.1

So, today FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE was finally made public, and now it’s time for me to rebuild my system, see if it works, and then commit the new ebuilds to the tree.

It is interesting to note that for now I’ll leave 6.0 around, I’ll try in the future to leave one or two FreeBSD releases around, so that if people have problem with one, the other is still available. Fixes would be backported if needed.

Other than the ebuild, being a release instead of a beta or rc, this time I’ll have to rebuild a new stage, so that new users won’t have to pass through CHOST change and so on. It will be an important stage for me, because this will be the first stage to have SSP support out of of the box (not built with hardened compiler, so no stack protector enabled, but the libc will have the symbols already).

In this release I’ll probably also sneak in my rtld patch, that worked fine and allows to have crosscompilers working, thanks to Mike now crossdev works out of the box, I’ll have to keyword it later today.

Other important things that will change with this release are the dropped support for ftpd and lukemftpd (you can use one of the FTP daemons in portage, if you want something like lukemftpd I’ll see to add tnftpd – its evolution – in portage), and a few more cleanup in which packages we use from portage and which from FreeBSD.
I know that there are still conflicts with manpages, I hope to fix them before the actual stage release, which means that the stage will be likely on mirrors later this week, rather than directly today.

Leaving a part Gentoo/FreeBSD, today Albert Lee posted a patch in xine-devel mailing list to fix FAAD2 5.1 support, I’m going to test it now, and I’ll commit a -r6 to xine-lib today if it works. This will mean that yet another reason not to use xine is fading away 🙂
Now, I do actually have a couple of bugs open that needs to be fixed, I hope to do that today, if possible, and ask next month for a stable on xine-lib to finally close most of the issues, as -r6 respect to -r1 is quite a big set of changes.

On another unrelated note, I should probably release a new unieject version, with the new fixes added and the new visibility handling: -fvisibility=hidden if supported, plus #pragma to get the public symbols visible, and the old method in fallback.

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