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Playing again with crosscompiling

Okay, today I said I would have paid more attention to Gentoo, as yesterday I took a fraction of a break. As I woke up extremely early (5.30am), I started working on the patch for FreeBSD’s loader to mime the behaviour of GLIBC’s loader, of falling back when a library fails to load.

I’m still testing this, so I’m not going to commit it immediately, but it seems to me that it works fine. I’ll send it to a FreeBSD developer (thanks again to David for giving me the name of a developer who handles rtld 🙂 ).

Anyway, I really hope that now the two projects (FreeBSD and Gentoo/FreeBSD) can proceed friendly to reach the same objective: having better support for FreeBSD system, either vanilla or with Gentoo framework, as users prefers, without flames and grudge.

Anyway, the weather outside doesn’t seem that good, so I’m still in my room, although I’d actually like to go outside to work on Gentoo and rubytag++.

Anyway, thanks to vapier now crossdev is fixed, so the only point remaining to be fixed to have working crosscompilers is just the rtld 🙂

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