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Little details that make you happy (maybe?)

So, today I was finally feeling better, I finally was able to sleep decently, so I tried to focus on other things, like cleaning up my room, that’s really messed up. I also tried to try to get CUPS 1.2 to work with the USB printer on FreeBSD, but that failed, too.

Then I decided to commit one of the first details that I worked on in the last days, so now all the KDE users in ~arch will now see that kbuildsycoca is run after the packages’ merge. Why this? because that way it updates the global level sycoca database, so all the KDE stuff merged should be available immediately to users, and should fix problems like amaroK requiring kbuildsycoca to be run by the user to get the engines loaded.

I’ll see if that change can be moved to arch before 3.5.2 release, that should probably help users updating, too, but I want to test it more before.

I think I’ll be remembered to be one of the most annoying developers and the one of the minor details that nobody cares about πŸ˜›

Anwyay, I want to thanks again David Xu for committing the patch to FreeBSD’s sources, I should have submitted the PR for the kernel patch already, but today for one thing and the other I hadn’t had time to do this. I’ll submit everything tomorrow as I’ll be working more on Gentoo probably, as now I’m without a job for a while πŸ˜›

Now a personal question for everyone πŸ˜‰ Reading a books’ magazine today, I found a suggestion on a book from Markus Heitz, β€œ*Le cinque stirpi*”, most probably in original β€œ*Der Krieg der Zwerge*”, a fantasy book, that is.
Now, I don’t really like to base my choices on only reviews from books’ magazines, so if someone read that and can tell me if it’s worth or not, it would be much appreciated πŸ™‚

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