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Crosscompiling: the reverse

So, I’ve been already able to make the AMD64 box build for the Gentoo/FreeBSD x86 one, and that helps when building updates there, as the amd64 box is quite faster than the x86 box (about 5 times in pure MHz count). I also have the same box building for the PPC iBook, that’s also useful, as PPC isn’t exactly the fastest architecture when it comes to parsing and compiling.

But still, I’m going to try if I can let the Gentoo/FreeBSD x86 box to build for the PPC, too. That will also help when I’ll have the other Gentoo/FreeBSD box to work, as then I’d have three box to build for the iBook, that will help quite a bit (the other box is also faster than the PPC itself in terms of pure MHz, while being noisy and hot as hell).

To do so, I need to ensure that both crossdev and the crosscompile support in binutils, gcc and glibc ebuilds is fine for BSD userland. Actually I already found a problem, I’ve worked around it locally but I’m unsure how to fix it for sure. The problem is that the env command in BSD does not support the “-u” option, that’s used to get the host architecture keyword via portageq.

Okay now binutils merged, but that’s the easy part, let’s hope that GCC and GLIBC doesn’t fail, either.

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