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Strictness of the linker

I suppose people do remember my series of blogging about the —as-needed compiler flag, at least looking at the number of bugs I have assigned or CCed to me for that feature. Actually there are more than I can handle lately, with all the stuff I have to keep up with (not counting the personal life problems, too).

For who didn’t notice, the new version of binutils (2.16.92) albeit not segfaulting anymore when building complex software like wxGTK with —as-needed has a few problems with it.

These are not problems difficult to overcome, as they are not actual bugs of the linker, is just that the linker itself became even more stricter than it was before, and thus more packages fail with —as-needed enabled.
An example of that is net-snmp that requires an extra patch I’m going to submit soon.

This means that the work has to continue and I was proved unreliable to be almost the only one taking a look of the bugs without patches, as I don’t have enough time and most of the software is stuff I don’t have installed at all.

So, if you want to have this feature better supported in Gentoo, please take a look to tracker bug #129413 and try to find working solutions at the bug there depending. I’ll try to looking at them as soon as I have time, but I can’t ensure much of my presence on that bug, as I mainly think of SoC and Gentoo/FreeBSD and KDE lately.

Can someone give me some more time a day? 😛

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