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Fighting with kdelibs: confcache-geddon

So, as I wrote yesterday, I’ve been fighting with issues in kdelibs, in particular with bug #122121, on my iBook.

At the end, the problem seems to be caused by confcache, caching something it shouldn’t do. Unfortunately I don’t have a clue on what the problem is, so if anyone had problems that seemed to be a parallel make issue, and can reproduce on kdelibs systematically, please send me the list of packages built before kdelibs and a tarball of the /var/tmp/confcache directory that causes the issue.

If I get enough of the confcache data I might be able to find what the problem is and then find which value has to be blacklisted. Unfortunately to have a solution to that I still have to implement a blacklisting feature in confcache itself, and I don’t have time right now to start looking at confcache again.

Today I’ll also try not to work on too much stuff, I do have to check a few patches for cups 1.2 support in kdeprint but those should be all fine as they comes from jriddell of KUbuntu, whom I trust on these kind of things. Many thanks to genstef who took care of tracing the patches down πŸ™‚

Anyway, libtorrent and rtorrent are in portage already, the problem I also previewed yesterday it’s worked around by conditionally patching rtorrent for GCC 4.1.0 so that it builds. I’m yet no sure if it’s an error with the templates used by rtorrent or if it’s GCC handling them wrongly. Another *sigh* from this side.

At least thanks to dcoutts, Haskell is keyworded ~x86-fbsd albeit masked. I’ll keyword darcs when the mask is released.

Anyway, let’s start doing some hacking, while the laptop builds.. I’d really like to have it completed, so I don’t have to actually build on it while I use it outside, or it will burn me πŸ˜‰
On a serious note, I do really hope to be able to get the iBook fixed so I can start using that more often, although I have to find how to get more screen real estate there, I’m too used to the 2 1280×1024 monitors πŸ™ I need a thinner KDE style, suggestions are welcome πŸ™‚

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