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I need sleep

So I need to sleep, it’s two weeks I sleep every other day and I really need to sleep.

From one side, this allowed me to work on the Gentoo/FreeBSD SSP support and last night to make TagLib++ working.
From the other, my life is messing up more and more. I suppose I should try to drink some relaxing infuse or something like that in the late night.

The series of problems with my “day job” and some other silly stuff that is going on in my life doesn’t really help, and that is probably the main problem: stress. Unfortunately I can’t even think of just taking a break from Gentoo and live with it for a while, especially now that I’m also a SoC mentor. Sigh.

Today I slept during the afternoon, and now I’m trying to see what I need to do for Gentoo today. I have a libtorrent/rtorrent bump to do, but the CVS is down so I can’t commit, and I need to drop an optimised use of templates to let it build at least with GCC 4.1.0 (trying to go with 3.4, too).

I’m trying to get Gentoo updated again on the iBook, but I’m having troubles with kdelibs, there are a few parallel make issues, and they are obnoxious to fix… oh well..

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