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The emacs problem

So, today I decided to go fixing a few of the remaining deps that weren’t entirely keyworded on Gentoo/FreeBSD, stuff like X, doc and test useflags – when I can – and so on.

One of the dependencies of quite a few of the packages currently keyworded was emacs, so I decided to go for that. In SSH it worked fine, but when I decided to go to try the X version, well, the result was a segmentation fault.

Trying to debug the problem together with exg, the problem seems to be a stack corruption in the call of XtInitializeWidgetClass inside _XtCreateWidget in libXt. The problem is that the code seems fine to me and with gdb I can get a valid backtrace if i break on the functionc all, but it gets corrupted if the breakpoint is set in the first line after variables declaration.
This doesn’t feel right.

If somebody has an idea of the reason this whole mess happens, I’d be grateful. Very grateful….

Sigh, vim never gave me so much headaches 😉

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