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Multimedia update

Time for my ritual update on multimedia status.

Today I unmasked last version of xine-lib on portage, the 1.1.2_pre20060328-r5, that has quite a few changes both stability and performance wise. It should take sensibly less time to start, as now all the symbols are hidden as I’ve already explained in this blog, and it doesn’t disable MMX support on x86 anymore.

This also mean that -fomit-frame-pointer isn’t forced anymore and you can have meaningful backtraces if you want/need them.

I still have to find the problem with SSP and xine-ui, unfortunately I haven’t been able to try what the problem is, it seems like a non-terminated string but I’m not yet sure how it happens.

Also VLC had a new release today, 0.8.5_beta4, that is in portage. Give it a try, there shouldn’t be much changes since 0.8.5_beta3, but probably a few important bug fixes. I hope to mark 0.8.4a-r1 stable on arches marking it stable as soon as possible, as the old versions are really unsupported right now.

Oh and for who’s wondering, I’m going to cleanup a bit the keywording for Gentoo/FreeBSD, you’ll see that in the next days, in particular I want to keyword the doc stuff that I have ignored initially.

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  1. Speaking of LDFLAGS and multimedia, does GStreamer still have a cow when using global LDFLAGS (like, for example, -Wl,-O1)?I remember reading in some documentation somewhere that suggested vaguely that things would break, but it wasn’t very specific.

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