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Haskell on Gentoo/FreeBSD – Second part

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

Okay, second part of the Gentoo/FreeBSD Haskell odissey. I was able to get ghc to rebuild itself, it took hours but it worked. I was also able to get a few Haskell software working as dcoutts suggested me to do.

Finally, I tried darcs on the Gentoo Haskell overlay, and that works, too, so I’ll probably keyword them as soon as the new ghc-bin for FreeBSD is in portage. Please note that until ghc 6.4.2 is masked in main portage all the packages I’m going to keyword will remain package.masked, so you won’t be able to merge them without unmasking them.

This will probably lead to finally conclude the odissey of Haskell, so I won’t need to bitch about it not being available for us 😉 Not like I’m going to use it much, but anyway.

I also updated the whole system (and the ebuilds in portage) to 6.1_rc2, thanks again to Robert for informing me of the availability. No changes during this update, I just used the same ebuidls as before a part the fpu patch for sources that’s not needed anymore (as it’s already fixed).

With respect to keywording, I’ve added keywording to distcc, as I’ve restarted using that, now finally with the whole g++ compiler, while once again Robert found a collision between portage’s yacc and byacc and the base FreeBSD system. This time I’ve decided to leave the copies from FreeBSD as they are more updated than the released ones, I’ll probably look for providing two new virtuals for that sooner or later, depending on their need.

As today I was updating documentation, I ended up wondering where Michael is, as he’s the documentation guy for Gentoo/FreeBSD and the guide could really use some refresh. He’s probably too occupied to handle that right now, so I’m trying to find another documentation developer to help in the mean time.

Talking again about Google Summer of Code (yes I know I’m repetitive, I’m trying to advertise this as much as possible), I’m afraid to see that there’s not much interest in Gentoo/*BSD 🙁 we got only one application up to now, while there’s quite a lot of possible work to do. So if you’d like to have an active role in Gentoo/*BSD development and you’re a student, expose your idea to Google Summer of Code before the deadline (8 May!).

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