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Updating documentation

Okay waiting for ghc to compile (yesterday I was able to build it using the FreeBSD4 stage, in 4 and a half hours, but this night it stuck while rebuilding it with itself :/), I’ve decided to update a bit the Gentoo/FreeBSD and in general Gentoo/Alt documentation (starting from what will be the official spelling of the project, Gentoo/Alt instead of Gentoo/ALT).

I’ve dropped a lot of tasks form the project pages, as I’m going to rewrite them in form of subproject pages so to split them up a bit. This will allow to provide more documentation about what’s needed and thus making more transparent the whole project.

I’ll also try to update the maintainers’ guides that I have overseen for a while now, there are things that are changed and I really need to update them.
The main thing that prevents me to update them now is that my eyes are closing, I’ve slept just a little bit this night and I probably need some more sleep, or a good coffee…

Oh I’m also probably going to add a simple guide to build a crosscompiler for FreeBSD by using Gentoo/FreeBSD ebuilds, as it still requires a bit of manual tweaks, as crossdev does not know about things like pmake and freebsd-mk-defs, or to the version ranges (you need 6.1 ebuilds for a 6.1 compiler, 6.0 for a 6.0 compiler, and so on).

This also remembers me that I have to set up distcc, that should at least give farragut a bit of breath 🙂

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