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Murphy’s law

You have never to underestimate Murphy’s Law. I’m spending time since yesterday working on having ghc to work on Gentoo/FreeBSD (dcoutts and the Haskell lovers will love that attention pointed at their language ;)) and now a new release candidate for FreeBSD is released.

Thanks again to Robert (arachnist) who informed me of that, and to KingTaco who allowed me to use pitr (the AMD64 devbox) for doing the sources’ repacking and moving it on the mirrors’ queue (without that, it would have been way more long to be able to push the files on the mirrors as my upstream is way limited, instead this way I just need to download them, and I have downstream enough).

Anyway, I’ll be bumping the ebuilds later today, seems like no big changes are needed luckily, and so it should be a straightforward update. The main problem now is that farragut is still compiling some test Haskell packages 😛

Please also don’t forget about Google SoC, not only for Gentoo/FreeBSD related projects but also in general, there’s lot of space for new applications, you know 🙂

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