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Little downtime

Okay, I just solved a little downtime issue. Seems like I should have played more with SSP in chroot before using it on the main system and rebuilding it entirely 😛 compiled with stack protection breaks, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to workaround by adding -fno-stack-protector{,-all} on the makefile. Luckily I had a sane “backed up” on the chroot and the stage building, so I just copied that after booting from LiveCD.

The box returned up fine, and I’m now rebuilding freebsd-libexec with the nossp patch.

The work on Gentoo/FreeBSD 6.1 continues, although for a new stage you’ll have to wait for final release of 6.1, as I’m not keen on releasing a 6.1_rc1 stage. I might be able to create new 6.0 stages but I’m not likely to change much on 6.0 release right now. I’m pondering of installing another Gentoo/FreeBSD on defiant, so that I can bloat it with stuff like Apache, PHP and MySQL for trying more stuff out, as what it’s needed is more server related than desktop, being FreeBSD what it is, but I’d need a 2-way KVM for doing that easily, and I don’t have one (and I don’t even have money to buy it right now), so this plan will have either to wait for me to have a decent payment for the job or for someone to send me a KVM 😛

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