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Haskell on Gentoo/FreeBSD – Start

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

So, after dcoutts insisted repeatedly, today I started working on having ghc build on Gentoo/FreeBSD. This was also because after having enabled SSP and updated to 6.1 and fixed crosscompiler I was out of lost causes to fight for 😉

Anyway, the compile process is running now, I’m bootstrapping using a ghc for freebsd4 (that somehow worked fine on a 6.0 system O_O), but of course at the end I hope to be able to just provide dcoutts enough data to get a ghc-bin ebuild working.

One thing that has to be considered is that because of the make version we have on ~x86-fbsd, I’ve been able only to build 6.4.2 version (currently masked). dcoutts (I won’t call him Duncan to avoid confusion with someone else 🙂 ) told me it’s going to take about two weeks for that to be unmasked, but maybe he’ll backport the makefile fixes to 6.4.1 so that I can test that, too.

Anyway, this proves that nothing is impossible, just need to smash the head against the wall hard enough.

Returning on the argument I talked about today, I’ve submitted a bug to am-utils to build on FreeBSD, basically it’s a wrong check on upstream’s configure, that looks for dbm functions inside a series of libraries but not inside libc (where it is on FreeBSD), so it finally tries to use gdbm but fails at that, too.
I’ve fixed the package locally, now waiting for Mike or someone in net-fs herd to apply the fix.

I also decided to drop ftpd and lukemftpd from the base system, I’ll try to work on a tnftpd ebuild in the next days, so to provide a viable alternative for users. Right now the change is only for 6.1 version anyway so it’s still “rc”, thus I don’t really consider this a higher priority than having Haskell working (that might have its usage after all).

Okay, I’ll return to work now.

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