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Six eyes are better than four?

Probably a bad joke as a title, but considering that I slept only 6 hours this night it’s the best I can find 🙂

Yesterday I wasn’t present on FreeNode, and that is something strange… the reason of this is that I had to go to the oculist for a check up …. and I don’t really like the news.

As the Planet readers know (as they see my scary face every now and then) I already wear glasses, since three years ago to be exact… now, I knew I had to replace them with something stronger as they were a bit weak being the first pair I ever had to wear… but had anyway bad news. I had to order two pair of glasses, as I need one for work, and one for drive and the rest. This is not exactly the most comfortable setup…
Anyway, my new glasses will arrive on friday, in the mean time I still can use one pair only.

A part this little problem, I’m wondering on changing router sooner or later. Mi current router is a D-Link DSL-500 Generation I, it’s a Virata Helium based router with many cons and a few pros. It works quite well for “basic” support, and it has SNMP management that makes it interesting to work with. Unfortunately I cannot use the internal DNS proxy, so I have to use djbdns or dnsmasq on Enterprise (my amd64 box) to resove local names (if I try to use router’s DNS proxy, after about 20 hours it crashes badly with debug access open on serial console).

What I’m looking for is a router, possibly linux based, which can be managed in some ways better than the Web interface, as that’s usually uncomfortable for someone used to have terminals around 😛 I don’t really need a complete ADSL router, probably a generic router with WAN interface is enough, as my current router can become a bridging ADSL modem, and leaving that “external” allows me to avoid having to change the entire router if I change connection type. Instead, I’d like to have something with WOL capacity… not as “server” but as “client”… just to make an example, if I shut down enterprise before going to sleep, then I wake up and want to listen to my music from the ibook (voyager), I have to go in the other room and start up the server.. WOL would probably be a good way to solve this (as voyager is connected with wireless, last I tried the Access Point filtered out the WOL packets, so I can’t simply run it from here).
Anybody has a suggestion? 🙂

Talking about routers, does anybody know a UPnP library better than the “official” one? I’d like to tinker a bit with it to try enabling port redirection “on demand”, but I don’t know where to look for it :/

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