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On the Planet/Universe difference

So, first of all I wish to thanks Daniel for updating my feeds on Planet Gentoo and Gentoo Universe. Now I’ll return messing up with all your minds and make your nightmares even worse… err no okay, I’ll return annoying you with information about Gentoo/FreeBSD and xine.

Then, I want to say my opinion about the question that again dsd_ brought up on his blog, about the differentiation between Planet Gentoo and Gentoo Universe.

Yes, it’s true that we are one of the few planets to have an in-topic only version, as Planet KDE, Planet Debian, Planet Gnome, even OSGalaxy all syndicate also personal posts of the people subscribed.

Myself, I read Gentoo Universe, as I like to know what fellows developers do, think, wonder, mind… but I understand that many base users reads Planet Gentoo only because they want only to know what happens in Gentoo’s Land. The ones reading Universe are usually other developers, either of Gentoo or other projects, and advanced users interested in what the developers feel.

It’s a logical division of interests, so it might still be valuable to separate the two. Although I think Gentoo Universe could be the default 🙂

Okay a little note for KDE users interested on new applications in portage, I tried kblogger 0.6_beta1, although I don’t really find it much useful for how I write blog entries, especially since categories doesn’t work correctly, and the resulting articles are a bit bloated with formatting.

Anyway, I’ll see to put it into portage and maintain it updated, it’s not like I don’t like it at all, and it can improve, it sure can 😉

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