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A day break

I do need one. Today was sort of one, at least from Gentoo, but this wasn’t enough. I had quite a few problems with the program I wrote for my job, so I had to concentrate on that. The main problem with that, actually, is that I stopped working on spec during the job because there was no time to update them when they decided they wanted something different, thus I had to work with suggestions “on the fly”. Not exactly the best way to keep track of changes.

Anyway, that now is solved, and tonight I’ll try to relax. Not like I’m relaxing too much anyway, I hacked a bit awstats to show me some little statistics about RSS Feed readers, just to improve the count a bit, but it’s not yet finished. When I’ll have a decent patch I’ll see to send it upstream.

A part from this, I was able to make Mike take a look to the FreeBSD crosscompiler to see what’s happening and why it fails; and talking about compilers, finally the protoize problem is fixed without dirty hacks or silly patches, yai! 🙂

It’s not like I can relax too much anyway, thinking of the improvements for xine I ended up with a biiiig headache, and the work can’t even be considered started. Although you might notice if you’re on x86 that now xine does not disable mmx anymore. My next step is probably to force external ffmpeg that’s working quite fine and actually resolves a few issues, allowing also to share more code both on disk and on memory.

Seems like I can’t really even think of taking a break. There are way too many issues to take care of :/
I’m also waiting for dsd_ to update my feeds on Planet/Universe, and to allow him to help with Planet maintenance if he wants 🙂

Oh now a simple simple request for who can reply.. is there a simple way to make dovecot or a cron script to clean up my .maildir trash folder periodically? I just drop my spam there, but I forget to empty it until I get something like 400 unread messages (and almost as many read) in it to delete entirely.

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