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FreeBSD crosscompile, step3 cleared (mostly)

Okay, I’ve started working a bit harder on the crosscompile support from Gentoo/Linux to FreeBSD by using Gentoo/FreeBSD packages (there shouldn’t be much difference once you build gcc and libc, to build packages that doesn’t require extra libraries, although then you’ll have difference between naming in Gentoo/FreeBSD and naming in FreeBSD+ports). The reason I decided to commit myself a bit more on this is that it seems like I’m not the only one interested in that 🙂

Now I was able to finally get sys-freebsd/freebsd-lib to compile and install in Linux, providing libc and crt*.o files.
Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be enough to get the stage4 gcc to compile correctly :/ I’m not sure but it might be due to missing libm.

Anyway, as soon as this is fixed, I’ll see to put also distcc again working on Gentoo/FreeBSD so that I can distribute the builds on the two box, although farragut has not much load anyway as it is.

Also, today I spent some time fixing the configuration of lighttpd so that every host that’s not farragut will point to farragut again, and I made awstats work with GeoIP (thus marked a few more modules ~x86-fbsd). I’m trying to catch up with the list of packages GurliGebis gave me, but I’m still quite behind that list, only most of perl is keyworded, ad not even all. I’m afraid of starting testing MySQL packages at all :/

I had in my TODO list also a few hacks to Typo I wasn’t able to do at all, and that made me feel like quite a n00b, and thought of started looking at gorg 0.6 MySQL support to convert to PostgreSQL, but of that I hadn’t had much time due to working on xine-lib today.

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