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Aggregations and aKregator

So, being a KDE user (and somehow developer when it comes to develop stupid useless applications and fix screwups here and there), I’m obviously using aKregator as my RSS feed reader.

Unfortunately there are at least two aggregations I follow (or wanted to at least), that doesn’t really “work” on aKregator. Don’t take me wrong, the software is able to read the RSS/ATOM feeds just fine, but… it’s missing the name of the authors. It’s the case of OSGalaxy (that’s also where this blog is aggregated, lately with scarse results), and MSDN Blogs (that I follow as there are quite a few interesting things there from time to time.

So what should do the developer annoyed to not be able to read the authors of the posts? But of course he’ll write a patch for aKregator to display them! 🙂 A patch adds the author of the post (if present in the feed) to the title, so that it shows it as “Author: Title”, allowing me to recognise who wrote what.

Unfortunately, this is not half of the work :/ First of all, OSGalaxy has a bad handling of authors, displaying all of them as couples email address/display name, which his quite annoying especially since it’s displayed always as (a probably invalid address, too). Also, Planet Gentoo shows the name of the author in the title already and provides the author tag. One of the two should be dropped (interesting thing, the author tag also shows the nickname, that’s a feature that I always wanted in it, as sometimes I don’t remember the real names especially of new devs or devs who don’t blog regularly).

I’ve sent the patch to aKregator’s author, as I’m not quite sure of how well I did write it; also I’d like to be able to transform the “mail (name)” display so that it’s instead a mail link, although I’m probably not going to be able to do it.

For today I’m quite satisfied tho, I had to do a few bricolage things, but they are now sorted out, I was able to keyword quite a few things ~x86-fbsd, in particular Perl modules, thanks to GurliGebis, I was able to fix this problem with aKregator. Although I was wanting to start hacking Typo a bit to add some features I’m missing. Will be for another time.

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