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News from the Gentoo/FreeBSD world

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Okay first of all, I’m still working on configuring Farragut for my blog, tonight for an hour the blog was unreachable while I was trying to configure correctly awstats (only local, of course).

Still, the configuration is not completed, I have to fix a few minor glitches, but not anything major, it’s fixing the VHOST settings so that the blog can be accessed only using and caching/compressing data instead of running the same commands every time, but anyway, that can be delayed for now.

From the proper Gentoo/FreeBSD world, I’ve released today a new stage. Thanks to llucas, who did bring to my attention that the stage missed the pwdb that FreeBSD needs. I’ve fixed that in freebsd-baselayout’s ebuild so that it regenerates it every time when it’s merged, and I’ve regenerated it on the stage, too.

The new stage, 20060423, also features two obnoxious collisions: /bin/ed is now provided by GNU ed that seems to work a bit better, and timezone-data provides all the data for timezones (as it does on Linux).

While I was at it, I also fixed the cron files for locate and adjkerntz that were a bit mesesd up.

I’m still trying to get dsd_ to update my feed on Gentoo Planet and on Gentoo Universe, luckily OSNews staff already updated it on OSGalaxy (although there seems to be a couple of problems with UTF-8, oh well). Not like I have more planets right now to aggregate to 😉 (I actually tried to ask to clee for adding my KDE category to Planet KDE, but he never replied, so I’m probably not good enough to be aggregated there 🙂

Okay time to return to work… (uuuuh I have a personal reason to be happy now – just right now – anyway, that’s great 🙂 ).

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