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Trying a move

So, I’m trying a move to Typo as my blog, hosting it on my own Gentoo/FreeBSD box. Why this move? Well I was mostly annoyed by the quantity of spam that the blog on Planet was sending me. This was really tedious.

Also, Stuart and tigger shown me Typo some tome ago and I was actually quite impressed with it, especially since the AJAX support is more likely to take away spambots.

It’s also an interesting stability test for the Gentoo/FreeBSD box, that runs lighttpd and ruby on rails 1.1, using PostgreSQL as backend. Unfortunately it’s not only Gentoo/FreeBSD that will decide the stability of this installation, but more my ADSL line (256kbit upload) and the power connection.

We’ll see what happens, maybe I’ll leave it here forever, maybe I’ll move it because the planet tries to kill it. Not sure. 🙂

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