Powered by… Gentoo/FreeBSD

Okay, I want to thanks really, really much blackace for the “*Powered by Gentoo/FreeBSD*” logo I’ve put on the right on the blog 🙂

I’m also trying to understand how to set a favicon with Gentoo/FreeBSD’s logo, but I’m not yet successful yet. Mostly because I suck at webmastering.

This blog might remain a single experiment, a test, as Daniel (dsd) seems to be ready to update b2evolution on Planet Gentoo, so that it will improve antispam capabilities.
A bit unfortunate, I was quite entertained at the idea of testing a real-life workload on my Gentoo/FreeBSD box 🙂

Now, I’d actually like to go to sleep… but I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to sleep immediately, if ever. I’ll try read more of Wizard and Glass , that is proving a really good book. I’m just afraid the rest of King’s books aren’t really on the same line of the Dark Tower series, and in general not in my preferred genre.