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Fighting the PAM bugs

So, even tonight I wasn’t able to sleep. And this is bad. I had to sleep in the afternoon, that is even worse. But not like I can do much about that right now. I have to say I haven’t even eaten today. Sigh.

I spent the night fixing a few things here and there for Gentoo/FreeBSD, looking at what has to be done and stuff like that.. oh, thanks to Jeffrey, now the new stage is on the mirrors, I’ll also look forward for providing an update VMX possibly.

But what I started doing this morning was a masochistic decision most likely. I tried fixing PAM bugs, starting from the infamous PAM 0.99 bump.

Well I have to say the build system is drastically improved since last time I tried (especially since it was completely broken that time), although there are still a few issues to solve.

I decided that this time we won’t be applying a full load of RedHat patches to add this and that, I’d rather see more ebuilds for things like pam_console that are needed by utopia for instance.

Big fat warning: sys-libs/pam-0.99.* at this point in time is not supported as stable nor ~arch. It will break your system most likely. vixie-cron stopped working for me until I rebuilt pam a second time for instance. There are less modules, as there are less patches. Everything still using is going to break as we don’t (and probably won’t) ship that any further.

That said, I can use some test on this. I know that the userdb module links to in /usr, I’m going to move that out on its own ebuild actually, it’s pretty obnoxious as it is now. I’ll do that in the next days. I won’t revbump it every time or we’ll end up having a -r300 sooner or later, so you’ll have to take a look at the ChangeLog or to my CIA stats page.

Also, I was able to nail down the list of PAM related bugs to 20, of which 11 are requests for new packages and 2 are version bump. Not bad at all for a mostly 1-man team. But of course I do need some help. Also because most of those 11 new packages are interesting, but I can’t manage all of them by myself.

I’ve also committed another –as-needed fix. I’m considering dropping -hashvals and -Bdirect in favour of using 2.16.92 binutils, as that should allow me to use –as-needed with wxGTK (and thus to write a check for ld version so that I can filter those only on older versions). I still have to decide on that. Update: I started wondering a bit, and I checked, binutils 2.16.92 already have support for -Bdirect, while the hashvals patch still applies, so I’ll go with that now 🙂 Update 2: more coffee, thanks, -Bdirect is not supported, I just checked the wrong binutils-config…

Ah, at the end, I ordered the two books from Amazon, €60 and shipping the first week of June… quite an ass of shipping but well, I can’t find anything better. I hope at least that the work I’m going to do will compensate these costs. I was hoping also to use the $5 gift certificate that I got some time ago for answering an IBM’s survey.. too bad it only works on the American and not to, of course using that is no-go for me, too high the costs, would be paying more than $5 for the shipping 🙂

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