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Still a few updates

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

So a few more updates, although today was a bad work on my ‘daily job’ as I had to recode a good part of one of the utilities I was asked to develop when I started the job to integrate it with existing code. I hate adding stuff to others’ code, especially when it’s missing.

I was able anyway to provide a few updates for my beloved users 😛

The first that can be seen is the presence of ALSA 1.0.11 final in portage, and dropping the whole list of release candidates that had to be added to portage just because of the kernel needing them. They are likely to be marked stable soon as they are needed for 2.6.16 to be marked stable, too, so if anyone feels daring to help me, please try them on a stable system. Many thanks, really.

Now from the Gentoo/FreeBSD side I continued my work to get the crosscompile environment, but I’m afraid this will take a while. For instance I’m probably going to merge, for 6.1 version at least, freebsd-lib and freebsd-headers as they don’t make much sense divided as they are right now.

Unfortunately this will require fixes to crossdev as we won’t have the same two-packages setup as Linux has with linux-headers and glibc.

I’m also going to fix the clock setup sooner or later, I’m getting tired of having it out of sync with my main system, one CEST and one UTC. This will go in a baselayout update I’m going to roll out with a new stage next week, as I found quite a bit of problems in the old stage when I installed it on farragut.

By the way, for who was wondering what I am keywording ~x86-fbsd on the tree, it’s mostly what I use, either because I test with that or I’m using the box for. Farragut is going to be my testbed for Ruby-on-Rails so that’s why I keyworded it, and I use PostgreSQL as my database of choice.

And last but not least, for who’s wondering the fate of pam-0.99… Azarah is having little if any time lately, so he’s probably not going to wokr on that soon. Myself, I think I’d need at least two to three days to get pam in a shape to be p.masked in tree, mainly because there are plently of minor glitches and gentoo-specific patches that needs to be ported and possibly fixed to be merged upstream. So I suppose unless someone else steps up, it will have to wait till I get time to hack at it, which means after my current job is finished and before the next one is started.

It’s in my TODO list, but not in my priority list, as I’m focusing as much as I can on Gentoo/FreeBSD lately, until I can get a few more devs to help, and to sound/video applications and libraries as they needed a lot of fixes. Joking bit: oh you can of course always bribe me to change the priority of pam 😉

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