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If you can’t sleep… bump!

Okay, so tonight I wasn’t able to sleep. It’s been a while my sleep was intermittent, and tonight was a “no” night. For this reason, I spent the whole night fixing stuff and bumping. Some things are worth noting as might be of help or relieve to the users out there in the outer space.

First of all, new version of vlc: 0.8.5_beta3, or rather test3, that’s another prerelease of 0.8.5 version; unfortunately no patches dropped, which means no new fix for things I was fixing myself are fixed yet. It could have been worse tho. Also, DirectFB support is now fixed, with a newer patchset to add a missing AC_ARG_WITH in the that seems to have been overseen by upstream in both test2 and test3.

To fix DirectFB support in VLC I had to actually merge DirectFB, which came down to fix libmpeg3 that was badly broken. It was one of the worse makefiles I ever seen in my life. It builds, it’s not pretty, it’s hackish, but it builds fine, that’s enough for me, brr. I’ll be glad of removing directfb and libmpeg3 from my system soon.

I merged a patch I had for tvtime to disable xinerama extension into main portage, as Obz seems to be away and upstream sleeping. It’s not much of a change anyway.

Old rtorrent/libtorrent versions are gone, live happy with a smaller tree. I also cleaned up my overlay for the ones using it, it now has quite a few packages less, as they are all more or less fixed in main portage tree.

For the cycle “I’m the only one playing FloboPuyo?” ( 😉 ), I’ve added my patch to install a .desktop file with an icon to games-puzzle/flobopuyo, now if you’re in games group you’ll find it directly on your menu (if you aren’t, TryExec will prevent you from seeing the entry anyway).

I bumped KScope as now the legal concerns are fixed. But this is not the usual ebuild that builds and install as it is the sources, you’ll get additional value by your friendly neighborhood ebuild maintainer: it moves the .desktop in the right directory to figure on stuff like enlightenment and it installs a sample kscoperc configuration file that already has the paths to the programs it uses, no need to run the autodetection code at all! 😛

For the Gentoo/FreeBSD side of the things, I have fixed the clock init.d script so that it actually runs adjkerntz instead of using hwclock, so from next freebsd-baselayout release it will be an actual init.d script rather than a dummy script. Yuppie! 🙂 Also a big thanks to swegener who suggested me to use /etc/cron.d to put the crontab needed by adjkerntz -s to work correctly.

As I was there, I also noted that kerberos support, although present in sys-freebsd ebuilds, too, is untested, and I have actually no clue how to test it, so I’ve masked the use flag until someone can finally test it, knowing what it does and how.

8:26 local time and I haven’t slept. Good, eh?

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