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Finally xine-lib is fixed!

Okay, third blog entry in less than a day, but this is worth a small note.

Do anybody remember that xine-lib makes amaroK and any other frontend crash when trying to play/access an mp3 file when mad is not enabled?
Well, this behaviour is gone. xine-lib will just refuse to play it.

How did I fix that? Well with a big help from Ian Monroe of the amaroK team who gave me the backtrace to work on. Now is really fixed, yeeeee! 🙂

Again many thanks to Ian, and now I can be happy for today.

Update: seems like today is really xine-lib’s day. Another big thanks then, this time to Mark Kretschmann, also from amaroK team 😉 He reported to me (some time ago actually) that xine-lib wasn’t playing authenticated HTTP streams, and helped nailing down the problem, today I had time to try the patch and it does really work now, xine-lib-1.1.2_pre20060328-r1 plays authenticated HTTP streams just fine.

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  1. Yes!The bug with authenticated HTTP streams has kept me, a long time, from using xine with amaroK.I’m gonna try this and hopefully I can get rid of gstreamer.Thanks!

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